O Ye Dwellers In The Lowlands Dreary

Oh, ye dwellers in the low-lands dreary,
Why, why will ye in the valleys stay?
Leave the wilderness with marches weary,
Claim your heritage in Christ today.

Over in Beulah, over in Beulah,
Land with milk and honey flowing,
Grapes in luscious clusters growing;
Over in Beulah, over in Beulah,
Come over into Beulah land.

‘Tis a glorious land, a rich possession,
Fertile fields and lofty mountain heights;
To abide in this blest habitation,
God your weary, longing soul invites. [Refrain]

Spies may tell you of the giants waiting,
Jericho’s with mighty tow’ring walls;
Fear ye not, before Jehovah’s power
Giants flee and crumbling cities fall. [Refrain]

Hasten, saith the Lord, ye are well able,
Go ye up the goodly land possess,
Scale its mountain heights, explore its valleys,
Feast within its land of plenteousness. [Refrain]