O Ye Heralds Take Good Courage

O ye heralds, take good courage!
Yield ye not, nor faint, but pray!
For the gospel waves are moving,
Moving onward day by day;
You may hear the sound of conquest,
As the billows surge along:
“There is victory for Jesus!”
Is the burden of the song.

Onward! Onward!
Hear the billows surge along!
“There is victory for Jesus!”
Is the burden of their song.

As the air the wide earth circles,
As the sea from pole to pole,
Shall the gospel billows widen
And the blessed tidings roll;
Royal arm shall not impede it;
Satan all his pow’rs may lend;
For the Lord of hosts hath said it,
Ev’ry knee to him shall bend. [Chorus]

Not until the waves have rounded
Ev’ry land from sea to sea;
Not until the song has sounded
On the ear its melody,
Shall the heralds of the story
Cease the good news to proclaim!
Then the world’s song shall be “Glory,
Glory be to Jesus’ name!” [Chorus]