O Ye Of Little Faith Why Will Ye Doubt

O ye of little faith, why will ye doubt?
Why will ye not the truth receive?
thy Lord stands waiting just outside the door
And calls; how can you still His Spirit grieve?

If you could see Him suffer on the cross,
could hear His dying pray’r–
“Forgive them, for they know not what they do,
O then would you believe Him, hanging there?

Who is he yonder in Gethsemane,
His hair all wet with midnight dew,
Who prays alone in agony of blood
For you, for you, O careless one, for you? [Refrain]

Lo, He is standing at your side just now,
Hark! for He softly speaks to thee;
Turn not away! perhaps when next you hear
His voice, it will be in eternity [Refrain]

Coronation Hymns,