O Ye That Are Weary And Laden Of Soul

O ye that are weary and laden of soul,
Come, come to the fountain that maketh you whole;
There’s peace in believing, there’s rest in His name,
There’s healing for all in the blood of the Lamb.

Rest, rest-sweet, sweet rest;
In the bosom of Jesus there only is rest.

Oh, cease from your anguish, ye toilers for life,
For vain is your labour and fruitless your strife;
No hope can they bring you, no joy to your heart;
None, none but the Saviour can resting impart. [Chorus]

Then come to the Saviour, ye weary and worn,
Your burdens and sorrows for you He hath borne;
No anguish that pierceth but pierced Him before,
No thorn is so sharp as the crown which He wore. [Chorus]

Rest, rest blessed Jesus! oh, sweet rest at last,
Like calm on the ocean when tempest is past:
The morning light breaketh in joy from above,
And illumines my soul with His rainbow of love! [Chorus]