O Ye The Sons Of Mighty Ones Give To

O ye sons of mighty ones,
give to the LORD on high!
All glory to JEHOVAH give,
And boundless potency.
O to the LORD the glory give
which to his name is due:
In beauty of his holiness,
down to JEHOVAH bow.

The LORD’s voice on the waters sounds,
the God of glory, hear,
Thunders aloud: JEHOVAH sits,
on many waters there.
The voice is full of pow’r, which sounds
forth from the LORD on high:
JEHOVAH”S mighty voice is full
of glorious majesty.

See how JEHOVAH’s voice at once
the shiv’ring cedars tares:
See how the LORD the cedars breaks
which Lebanon high rears.
Like calves He makes the mountains leap,
ev’n That great Lebanaon;
And like a youthful unicorn,
the mountain Syrion.

Jehovah’s voice strikes flames of fire,
and scatters them around:
JEHOVAH’s voice the desart makes
to tremble with the sound.
JEHOVAH makes the wilderness
of Kadesh shake with fear:
The LORD’s voice makes the frighted Hinds
To cast their young ones there.
With glares of lightning thro’ the dark
He makes the forests bare.
But his full glory He within
his temple does declare.

The LORD sits on the flood as king;
the LORD’s riegn ne’r shall cease:
The LORD will give his people strength;
the LORD them bless with peace.