O Ye The Sons Of Mighty Ones Jehovah

O ye sons of mighty ones,
Jehovah give unto:
Unto Jehovah glory give,
And potency also
Unto the Lord do ye ascribe
His glorious name renown;
In beauty of his holiness
Bow to Jehovah down.
The Lord’s voice on the waters is
The God of glory great
Doth thunder forth, Jehovah is
On many waters set.
Jehovah’s voice is full of pow’r,
The Lord’s voice glorious.
The Lord’s voice cedars breaks, the Lord
Breaks those in Libanus.
He makes them like a calf to skip,
The mountains Lebanon:
And like a youthful Unicorn,
The hill of Syrion.
Jehovah’s voice like flames of fire,
Jehovah’s voice doth make,
The desart shake; Jehovah makes
The Kadesh desart shake.

The Lord’s voice makes the hinds to calve,
And makes the forest bare:
But his own glory he within
His temple doth declare.
Jehovah on the deluge sat,
The Lord sits ever king.
The Lord to’s folk gives strength, the Lord
Them blessed peace will bring.