O Ye Thirsty Ones That Languish On Lifes

O ye thirsty ones that languish
On life’s drifting sand!
‘Tis the Savior bending o’er you,
Reaching out His toil-worn hand.

Why will ye wander,
Far away from home?
To the loving arms of mercy
Whosoever will may come.

From the river gently flowing
Drink a full supply;
Free to all its blessed waters,
Wherefore will ye faint and die? [Refrain]

O, the bliss of life eternal
You may also share!
Come to Jesus, and believing,
Enter thro’ the gate of prayer. [Refrain]

Lo, the summer days are ending,
They will soon be o’er;
While the Spirit still is pleading,
Grieve your dearest friend no more. [Refrain]