O Ye Watchman Sound The Trumpet

O ye watchman, sound the trumpet,
Sound it far and near,
Lo! the morn of Gospel freedom
Comes the world to cheer.

Lift the cross, and wave its banner;
Shout the joyful strain,
Christ the Lord, the King of Glory,
Over all shall reign.

See Him riding on to conquer;
See a countless throng;
Swell their ranks, and while they follow,
Hear the mighty song. [Refrain]

See their armor, how it glitters
In the morning light,
While the powers of sin and darkness
Tremble at the sight. [Refrain]

Every foe shall yet be vanquished,
Strife and wrong shall cease;
All the world shall own His scepter,
Christ the Prince of Peace. [Refrain]