O Ye Who Are Bound By The Fetters Of Sin

Oh, ye who are bound by the fetters of sin,
The Saviour has pow’r to set free!
He bled, and He died,
on the cross crucified,
To purchase salvation for thee!

Salvation is free for you and for me;
Oh, list to His gracious call!
Salvation is free for you and for me,
Salvation is free for all.

Oh, come to the Saviour so loving and kind,
He bids every sorrow to cease!
He bears ev’ry grief,
and He giveth relief:
Salvation is comfort and peace! [Chorus]

Oh, how I rejoice since this Jesus is mine,
And His I forever shall be!
His love I’ll proclaim,
and I’ll praise His dear name,
Still singing, “Salvation is free!” [Chorus]

Oh, brother, the Saviour is calling thee now;
From sin and its bondage be free;
There’s pow’r in His name,
if the promise you’ll claim:
Salvation is waiting for thee! [Chorus]