O Youth With Life Before You

O youth, with life before you, and with gladness all around,
While in your heart the songs of hope and courage ring,
Remember thy Creator while the evil days come not,
And choose the Christ of Calvary to be your king.

Choose today! acknowledge Him your Savior;
Choose today! your heart a tribute bring
Unto Him who suffered to redeem you,
Let Him rule and reign, your King!
Choose today, for love and valiant service
Unto Him belong,
Take the vow, and ever faithful be
Till you sing the victor’s song.

True wisdom you are seeking; no one ever sought in vain
Who asked of Him who lived and taught in Galilee;
A fullness and a brightness for your life in Him you’ll find,
And safety from the sins that lie in wait for thee. [Refrain]

Courageous be, and loyal, for on every hand are foes
That wait with subtle charms to lead your feet astray,
Yet Christ the world’s Redeemer every step before you knows,
And He will guide, and guard, and love you all the way. [Refrain]