O Zion Rise And Brighten

O Zion, rise and brighten,
The morn begins to lighten:
Thy Light draws nigh to thee.
The brightness of His rising,
With radiance surprising,
Thine eyes shall now rejoice to see.

While earth is still beclouded
And many Gentiles shrouded
In dreary darkness lie,
The Light of joy and gladness
Dispelleth all thy sadness
And glory crowns thee from on high.

On ev’ry land and nation
The God of our salvation
Doth make His sun to shine;
And all shall learn the story
Of Christ, the Sun of glory,
That fills thy heart with light divine.

Behold the vast commotion,
How, crossing sea and ocean,
The nations come to thee!
Thy fame hath reached their hearing,
And they in hosts are nearing
To see thy light and bow the knee.

Rejoice, and cease thy weeping,
Thy heart within thee leaping,
Look out upon the sea,
Where ships, swift in their courses,
Bring myriad Gentile forces,
Who seek the Light that shines on thee.

What mighty delegations
From Ephah and far nations!
All Midian draws night!
Fair Shebah gold is bringing,
And all unite in singing
The praises of the Lord on high.