Oer A Trackless Sea Im Sailing

O’er a trackless sea I’m sailing,
Often tempest toss’d,
With no star of hope to guide me lest I stray;
But I find I have a Friend,
Who will guide me to the end,
For my Saviour safely pilots all the way.

I shall rest in safety o’er the harbor bar,
And my Pilot’s blessed face I’ll see;
All the storms of life shall then be safely past,
Oh, what glory that will be!

There are rocks of doubt before me
As I onward go,
And the billows oft my fragile bark assail;
But no danger will I fear,
Tho’ they may be hidden near,
For my Pilot at the helm can never fail. [Refrain]

Oft the tempest, wildly beating,
Fills my heart with fear,
As I seek to gain the harbor bright and fair;
But there comes to me sweet peace,
All my doubt and fear shall cease,
For I know my Pilot guides me safely there. [Refrain]

Storms may gather wildly round me,
And the tempest rage,
And the beacon lights along the shore be dim;
Yet my heart will not dismay,
I will wait the dawning day,
While my Pilot’s at the hem I’ll trust in Him. [Refrain]