Oer Deaths Sea In Yon Blest City

O’er death’s sea, in yon blest city,
There’s a home for ev’ry one;
Purchas’d with a price most costly,
‘Twas the blood of God’s dear Son.

In that city-bright city,
Soon with loved ones I shall be;
And with Jesus live forever,
In that city beyond death’s sea.

Here we’ve no abiding city,
Mansions here will soon decay;
But that city God’s built firmly,
It can never pass away. [Refrain]

I have loved ones in that city,
Those who left me years ago;
They with joy are waiting for me,
Where no farewell tears e’er flow. [Refrain]

T’ward that pure and holy city
Oft my longing eyes I cast;
Jesus whispers sweetly to me,
Heav’n is yours when earth is past. [Refrain]