Oer Judahs Plains Amidst The Night

O’er Judah’s plains amidst the night,
A more than mortal silence there,
The starry hosts in squadrons bright,
Glow in the firmament of air,
While shepherds watch their sleeping fold,
Beneath that fretted arch of gold.

When lo! a stream of glorious light,
Bursts in appalling splendor there,
And showed to each astonished sight
An angel swift, and bright, and fair,
An agent in the Gospel plan,
Dispatched from Heav’n to mortal man.

With radiance ineffable,
The herald angel stands confessed,
And thence in liquid sweetness fall
The accents of the heav’nly guest;
Yet terrors now the shepherds seize,
But words of comfort them appease.

“Fear not! to you and all mankind
Glad tidings of great joy I bring!
In David’s city ye shall find
A new born Savior, Christ, the King,
Whose sway from pole to pole extends,
And mercy with His justice blends.

“A manger is His humble bed,
And while the virgin mother keeps
Her vigils round that holy head,
E’en there the world’s Redeemer sleeps,
Enshrined for us in human clay,”
To usher in the Gospel day.

The angel spake-his retinue
Confirm the mission from above;
And loud and sweet the anthem grew
Of triumph and redeeming love!
O what a theme for Heav’n and earth,
The great Redeemer’s mortal birth!

Who, who but they, whose favored eyes
Were blest with this apocalypse,
Could speak angelic harmonies
With golden harps and heav’nly lips?
Come, Holy Ghost, and tune my heart,
To sing a dying sinner’s part.

As at creation’s birth they sang,
So now, they jubilant exult;
Their voices then with praises rang,
In glory now to God result;
And thus the lofty prelude ran,
“Glory to God, good will to man.”

Unveiled appear the glittering throng,
While hallelujahs fill the sky;
Salvation is their joyful song;
All hail the “Day-spring from on high”;
And truth and mercy “met,” inspire
The strains of the celestial choir.

As slowly now recede from earth
The raptured visitants from Heaven,
And die the songs of Jesu’s birth,
Which the angelic host had given,
The shepherds go in faith to see
The God made man for you and me.