Oer Lifes Dark And Stormy Waters

O’er life’s dark and stormy waters,
Saviour, precious Saviour, guide;
If Thy hand my bark is guiding,
Ia am safe, whate’er betide.

I’ve on board the blessed pilot,
I am bound for Canaan’s shore;
Soon I’ll another harbour,
When the storms of life are o’er.

Storms around may rage in fury,
Other barks be wrecked and lost;
I’ve on board the blessed Pilot,
I am save tho’ tempest-tossed [Chorus]

Thou art sailing o’er life’s ocean,
It may peaceful seem to be;
Rocks and shoals around lie hidden
‘Tis a dark and treacherous sea. [Chorus]

O how many barques are drifting
Far from Canaan’s happy shore,
Who have sailed without a pilot,
Now are lost for evermore. [Chorus]