Oer The Door Of Heavens Kingdom

O’er the door of heaven’s kingdom
Are the words forever true,
“If ye knock it shall be opened”-
Opened, sinner, yes, to you.

Sinner, come, why still delay?
Knock at mercy’s door today;
“Lost and guilty,” be thy plea,
Then ’twill open wide to thee.

Oh, how kind this proclamation
To the vilest sinner lost-
Perfect, free and full salvation,
Purchased at a boundless cost. [Refrain]

See the blessed invitation:
“He that knocks may enter in”;
Will you now accept the offer,
Casting off your load of sin? [Refrain]

Have you long withstood His mercy?
Has your heart unfeeling grown?
“He that knocketh here may enter,”
Is as sure as heaven’s throne. [Refrain]

Come, poor sinner, read the writing,
Knock at mercy’s door today;
Hear the love of God inviting,
Come and enter while you may. [Refrain]

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