Oer The Earth The Flowers Grow

O’er the earth the flowers grow;
Free from toils and care;
‘Neath God’s sun they bud and blow,
Welcome ev’rywhere;
He who robes the lily white,
Gives the rose its hue,
Is the Lord of life and light,
Who provides for you.

While this lovely earth we tread,
He will guide our feet
Thro’ youth’s fragrant flower bed,
Where the air is sweet;
And if e’er our pathway wind
O’er life’s barren wild,
He our Father, faithful kind,
Will protect his child.

When at last his angels come
to these earthly bowers,
Plucking for the spirit home
All God’s choicest flowers,
May we be among the fair,
Gathered for the King, –
robed in lily-garments there,
Endless praise to sing.