Oer The Holy City Slumbering

O’er the holy city slumbering
Night her sable wings yet spread,
But the hours their slow march numbering,
See the life among the dead.
Seraph hands turned back the portal,
Oped the dark and rock-bound grave,
And the Victor robed immortal,
Stood revealed the world to save.

Hail the Victor! He has conquered,
Death is fettered, He is free;
Resurrection after dying,
Easter after Calvary!

From the hill of death and anguish,
May we to the garden turn;
There we see the Sufferer languish,
Here Jehovah’s power we learn.
There the sun in darkness hiding,
Veiled her face before that sight;
Now as King of Heav’n abiding,
Dwells He as its sun and light. [Refrain]

Now no more are thorns His crowning,
Glory sits upon His brow,
And reviling stripes and frowning,
Perish in His triumph now.
Death the king He has subjected,
Satan lies beneath His heel,
O’er them see the Cross erected,
Love’s eternal bond and seal. [Refrain]