Oer The Silver Waters Of A Pearly Stream

O’er the silver waters of a pearly stream,
Just before the dawning of the day;
Angel guards descending in a happy dream,
Bear us to the summer land away.

Lo, a shining band, waiting on the strand,
Greet us with a sweet and tuneful lay;
Gentle words of cheer in that dream we hear,
Just before the dawning of the day.

O the bliss enchanting! O the visions there!
Bursting like a flood of golden light;
Not a wave of sorrow, not a throb of care,
In that happy, happy dream so bright. [Refrain]

Dreaming still we wander while our lifted eyes
View a world of love and joy untold,
Dreaming still we listen to the songs that rise
From the hearts that never more grow old. [Refrain]

Now from sleep awaking, see the morning beams
Chasing all the clouds of night away;
Yet the harp of memory brings the happy dream
Just before the dawning of the day. [Refrain]