Oer The Trackless Ocean Guided

O’er the trackless ocean guided
By Thy hand our fathers came;
They, O Lord, in Thee confided,
Loved Thy day, revered Thy name;
Nor would we, their faith despising,
False to their devotion be,
But, on wings of prayer arising,
Lift our contrite hearts to Thee.

In the new land, wild and lonely,
Rude the homes which they upraised,
There they sought unto Thee only,
There Thy love and mercy praised;
In our fairer habitations,
May their zeal in us increase,
While Thy gracious consolations
Prove our everlasting peace.

Where, in wilderness extending,
Every creature had his lair,
Now behold us humbly bending
In this holy place of prayer;
Let the world transformed around us
Witness be of change within
Joy divine that God hath found us,
Healed the deadly wounds of sin.

Destined for their fathers’ places,
Age on age until the end,
Keep, O keep, our children’s faces
Turned to Thee, our changeless Friend;
And may all who boon of heaven
Now or evermore shall crave,
Know on earth Thy blessing given,
Glory find beyond the grave.