Oershadowed Are The Skies

O’ershadowed are the skies,
The earth in slumber lies,
The garden glade is wrapped in gloom;
We haste with eager feet,
We bring our spices sweet,
To Him who lies in sealed tomb.

Seek not the living with the dead;
Lo! He is risen, as he said;
Vainly ye bear Him spices sweet;
Haste with rejoicing now your Lord to greet!

O’ershadowed are the skies,
We seek with weeping eyes
The place where lies our Saviour slain;
And from each sadden’d heart
All joys fore’er depart
For hope of endless life is vain! [Refrain]

O’ershadowed are the skies,
No dawn for us shall rise,
And light of life fore’er hath fled;
The Lord of light and love,
Who came from realms above,
The Saviour of the world lies dead. [Refrain]