Of All The Pleasures That We Know

Of all the pleasures that we know,
Thy service Lord exceeds the best;
Though in thy earthly courts below,
What is it then among the blest?

When we assemble to thy house,
And read thy word, to praise, and pray,
To hear thy gospel, pay our vows,
With what delight we spend the day!

How short the hours of worship seem!
What raptures do our spirits feel!
While we can speak and hear of him,
Who suffered death to work our weal!

From morn till noon, form noon till eve,
The pleasing theme we could attend;
Such satisfaction we receive
As strangers cannot comprehend.

All earthly joys with these compared,
Are less than nothing in our eyes;
Pleasures of sense we disregard,
And those of sin we would despise.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,