Of All The Prayers That Upward Float Ris

Of all the pray’rs that upward float,
Unto the loving Father’s ear;
There’s none beside a mother’s lips,
He bends more tenderly to hear.

Oh, the love and deep despair,
Uttered in a mother’s prayer,
How the scalding teardrops flow,
As she tells to God her woe;
Asking him for strength to bear,
All her heavy load of care.

How many hearts as hard as flint,
Are softened by her fond appeal;
Ah, then they think of days gone by,
When by their side she used to kneel. [Refrain]

A mother’s pray’r brings wanderers,
From far across the stormy sea;
It cleanses all the years of sin,
And fills the heart with purity. [Refrain]

When friends forsake, and ruin stares
The weary sinner in the face;
The power of a mother’s pray’r,
Can save him by its matchless grace. [Refrain]