Of Mercy And Of Judgement I Will Tune My

Of mercy and of judgment I
will tune my voice to sing:
To Thee JEHOVAH both are due,
to Thee the praise I’ll bring.
I shall the perfect way discern,
when Thou wilt come to me;
And I’ll in uprightness of heart
walk in my house with Thee.

No wicked thing before mine eyes
will I endure to have:
I hate their work who turn aside;
to me it shall not cleave.
The stubborn and the froward heart
away from me shall go:
I’ll make no friendship with the bad,
nor intimately know.

I’ll cut him off whose lies defame,
his neighbour secretly:
I will not hear the proud of heart,
nor him whose looks are high.
I’ll eye the faithful of the land,
that they may dwell with me:
And who walk in an upright way,
shall my attendants be.

But he who acts deceitfully,
in my house shall not dwell;
Nor shall he stay before my eyes,
who lies allows to tell.
Yea all the wicked of the land,
early suppress will I;
From the LORD’s city cut off all
who will do wickedly