Of Mercy Lord Of Judgment I Will Sing

Of mercy, Lord, of judgment, I will sing,
Thy justice and thy truth, eternal king;
This will I make my firm, my constant rule,
Still to improve in wisdom’s sacred school,
Still on thy kind protection to depend,
To keep my hands still clean, my heart unstain’d.
The ways of wickedness I’ll scorn to view;
The road thy law directs me, I’ll pursue;
The wily arts of fraudful men I’ll hate,
Of men who by oppression wou’d be great.
Far from my social hours the froward be;
The villain-herd shall ne’er converse with me;
By me the private sland’rer be abhorr’d,
The cruel wretch that murders with a word;
The haughty proud, whose empty hearts are vain,
Whose looks are lofty, I alike disdain ;
While men of open true simplicity
Shall to my converse and my board be free;
While men, who hate oppression, fraud and wrong,
Shall have my favour, and shall serve me long.
Avaunt, ye wicked, that deceive and lie,
You’re odious to my thought my presence fly;
Yes; all ye impious, hasten quick, away;
Sure is my wrath, nor shall I long delay;
Of all your guilt the city I will clear;
Perdition waits you, and your fate is near.