Of Omnipresent Grace I Sing

Of omnipresent grace I sing;
For, though I take the morning’s wing
And dwell beyond the outer sea,
Yet Thou art present there with me.

Thy hand shall lead me by the way,
Thy right hand be my staff and stay;
Though darkness compass me around,
Night shall be light where Thou art found.

Where Thou art, darkness cannot stay,
Thou turnest darkness into day;
Both night and light are one to Thee:
In darkness Thou still seest me.

Thine eye beheld me yet unborn
And watched my steps from earliest morn;
My ways are written in Thy book:
By Thee I live, to Thee I look. A-Men.

Thy thoughts are precious to my heart;
Thy presence bids all care depart;
I lay me down, Thou art with me;
I wake– and still I am with Thee.

Lord, try my way and me anew;
Prove Thou my heart and make it true
And lead me in the better way
To life, to Thee–for aye and aye.