Of Self I Am Weary

Of self I am weary,
My sin I abhor,
I long to be holy
And pure to the core;
O why do I labor
On husks to be fed,
Or spend my poor money
For what is not bread?

O Lord, send a revival!
Lord, send a revival!
O Lord, send a revival!
And let it begin in me!

Thy church, O my Saviour,
Thy body and bride,
The saints Thou hast ransomed,
For whom Thou hast died-
How cold are we growing
In service and pray’r!
Our love needs rekindling,
Our altars repair. [Refrain]

The world, in its sorrow,
The world needeth Thee;
Revive Thy disciples,
Beginning in me!
Endue us with boldness
The grace to proclaim;
O help us with power
To speak in Thy name. [Refrain]

Thy glorious coming-
We long for the day!
But are we preparing
The holy highway?
Our hand seemeth weakened,
And feeble the knee;
O send a revival,
Beginning in me! [Refrain]