Of Sinful Adams Numerous Race

Of sinful Adam’s numerous race,
I find myself most vile;
To me can God extend his grace
Or ever grant a smile?

Can I be called a child of God,
Can I his promise claim;
While sinking in the loathsome flood,
Of inbred sin and shame?

Once I could shout his praises high,
And call him Lord and king;
But now how cold and dead I lie,
Nor dare I think to sing.

Once I could join his praying flock,
And thought the union sweet:
Conscience forbids me now to mock,
By claiming there a seat.

Was I deceived? Blest spirit tell,
Nor leave me to despair:
Sometimes a heaven sometimes a hell,
Within this heart appear.

Sometimes I feel a beam divine,
The God I own and love;
It seems direct from heaven to shine,
And call me straight above.

I stretch my wings, and fain wold fly;
But Oh, my want of power!
The vision ends, I sin and sigh,
And count the awful score.

Great God resolve this painful strife,
Grant faith and love may reign;
Then I’ll devote an endless life
To sing in highest strain.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,