Of This Earthland I Am Weary

Of this earth-land I am weary (I am weary),
One of God’s great pilgrim band (great pilgrim band);
Oft in pathways worn and weary (worn and weary),
Seeking for my dear home land (my dear home land).

Yet by one glad promise given,
I am waiting day by day
For that sweet sometime of Heaven,
When the years have rolled away!

In my waking or my sleeping (or my sleeping),
I am dreaming o’er and o’er (yes, o’er and o’er)
Of the joys in God’s own keeping (God’s own keeping),
Of the happiness in store (fore’er in store). [Refrain]

Tho’ my dearest hopes may perish (hopes may perish),
Tho’ my eyes are dim with tears (are dim with tears),
This by faith my heart will cherish (heart will cherish)
Thro’ the passing of the years (yes, of the years). [Refrain]

Homesick heart, be not repining (not repining),
Be thou patient here a while (yes, here a while);
Thou shalt see God’s welcome shining (welcome shining)
Just beyond the last long mile (the last long mile). [Refrain]