Oft Across Lifes Pathway Dreary

Oft across life’s pathway dreary
Bursts a heav’nly gleam,
As some pilgrim lone and weary
Nears the mystic stream;
Then the sound of voices calling
From a fairer clime,
Cheers with echoes gently falling
On the shores of time.

Waiting for us there in the glorious summer land,
Gather’d with the saints, shouting vic’try on the strand;
Waiting there to meet us, as Time’s ling’ring shadows flee;
Waiting with songs to greet us, near the beautiful jasper sea.

Friends and lov’d ones gone before us
To the Edenland,
Sing the hallelujah chorus
With the angel band;
They upon our night of sorrow
Ever looking down,
Watch and wait the joyous morrow
That shall bring the crown. [Refrain]

From the gift of inspiration
Gleams a hallowed ray,
Teaching heirs of Christ’s salvation-
Angels guard their way-
Waiting near the jeweled portal,
Longing for the day,
When we shall for crowns immortal
Part with dying clay. [Refrain]