Oft Have I Heard Thy Tender Voice

OFT have I heard thy tender voice
Which calls, dear Lord, to me,
And asks a quick yet lasting choice
‘Twixt worldly joys and thee;
It stirs my heart’s deep fountain springs,
And breaks the barriers down;
It bids me rise on faith’s strong wings,
And cries: No cross, no crown!

And yet, alas! a storm-tossed sea
Of care and doubt and fear
Still parts me, Saviour Lord, from thee,
Although thou art so near.
O speak again and bid me come,
From every fear set free,
In spite of self and sin and storm,
Upon the waves to thee.

O Lord, I dare to trust in thee,
Who maketh all things new,
My sins to slay, my tears to stay,
My sorrows to subdue;
And in the battle’s blazing heat,
When flesh and blood would quail,
I’ll fight and trust, and still repeat
That Jesus cannot fail.