Oft Have I Said With Inward Sighs

I. Oft have I said, with inward sighs,
I find no solid good below;
Earth’s fairest scenes but cheat my eyes,
Her pleasure is but painted woe.

II. Then why, my soul, so loath to leave
These seats of vanity and care?
Why do I thus to trifles cleave,
And feed on chaff, and grasp the air?

III. There is a world all fair and bright;
But clouds and darkness dwell between,
The sable veil obstructs my sight,
And hides the lovely, distant scene.

IV. Whene’er I look with frighted eyes
On death’s impenetrable shade,
Alas! what gloomy horrors rise,
And all my trembling frame invade!

V. O death, frail nature’s dreaded foe,
Thy frown with terror fills my heart;
How shall I bear the fatal blow,
Which must my soul and body part?

VI. ‘Tis sin which arms his dreadful frown,
This only points his deadly sting;
My sins which throw this gloom around,
And all these shocking terrors bring.

VII. O could I know my sins forgiv’n,
Soon would these terrors disappear;
Then should I see a glimpse of heav’n,
And look on death without a fear.

VIII. Jesus, my Saviour, and my God,
To thee my trembling spirit flies;
Thy merits, thy attoning blood,
On this alone my soul relies.

IX. O let thy love’s all-pow’rful ray
With pleasing force, divine controul,
Arise, and chase these clouds away,
And shine around my doubting soul.

X. Then shall I change the mournful strain,
And bid my thoughts and hopes arise,
Above these gloomy seats of pain,
To glorious worlds beyond the skies.

XI. With chearful heart I then shall sing,
And triumph o’er my vanquish’d foe-
O death, where is thy pointed sting?
My Saviour wards the fatal blow.

XII. O when will that illustrious day,
When will that blissful moment come,
That shall my weary soul convey
Safe to her everlasting home?

XIII. Then shall I leave these fetters here,
And upward rise to joys unknown;
And call, without an anxious fear,
The fair inheritance my own.

XIV. Adieu to all terrestrial things;
Come bear me through the starry road,
Bright Seraphs, on your soaring wings,
To see my Saviour, and my God.