Oft I Hear A Gentle Whisper Oer Me Steal

Oft I hear a gentle whisper o’er me stealing,
When my trials and my burdens seem too great;
Like the sweet voiced-bells of evening softly pealing,
It is saying to my spirit, Only wait.

Only wait; again I hear that whisper,
Only wait, ’twill not be very long;
Even now the Father’s hand is leading,
Soon with Jesus we will sing the victor’s song.

When I cannot understand my Father’s leading,
And it seems to be but hard and cruel fate,
Still I hear that heav’nly whisper ever pleading:
God is faithful, God is working, only wait. [Chorus]

When the promise seems to linger, long delaying,
And I tremble lest perhaps it come too late,
Still I hear that sweet-voiced angel ever saying:
Tho’ it tarry, it is coming, only wait. [Chorus]

When I see the wicked prosper in their sinning,
And the righteous pressed by many a cruel strait,
I remember this is only the beginning,
And I whisper to my spirit, Only wait. [Chorus]

Oh! how little soon will seem our hardest sorrow,
And how trifling is our present brief estate;
Could we see it in the light of heav’n’s tomorrow,
Oh, how easy it would be for us to wait. [Chorus]

I have chosen my eternal portion yonder,
I am pressing hard to reach yon heav’nly gate;
And tho’ oft along the way I weep and wonder,
Still I hear that heav’nly whisper, Only wait. [Chorus]