Oft I In My Heart Have Said

Oft I in my heart have said,
Who shall ascend on high,
Mount to Christ my glorious head,
And bring him from the sky?
Borne on contemplation’s wing,
Surely I should find him there,
Where the angels praise their King,
And gain the morning-star.

Oft I in my heart have said,
Who to the deep shall stoop,
Sink with Christ among the dead
From thence to bring him up?
Could I but my heart prepare
By unfeign’d humility,
Christ would quickly enter there,
And ever dwell with me.

But the righteousness of faith
Hath taught me better things:
“Inward turn thine eyes,” (it saith,
While Christ to me it brings)
“Christ is ready to impart
“Life to all, for life who sigh;
“In thy mouth and in thy heart
“The word is ever nigh.