Oft In Silent Meditation

Oft in silent meditation
Back to Galilee we go,
With our fancy’s brightest vision
View the scenes of long ago.

Sweet and precious unto me
Are the thoughts of Galilee;
Sweeter still the love I feel,
Which to me he doth reveal.

In the early morn the Master,
By the sunlit Galilee,
Taught the eager, waiting people
As he now is teaching me. [Refrain]

“Peace,” he said, and calm o’er-spreading
Hushed the raging wind and sea,
So his voice to holy quiet
Brought the storm of life for me. [Refrain]

Tranquil as the peaceful waters
In the twilight’s afterglow,
So my heart is safely resting
In the grace he doth bestow. [Refrain]

As the sea his form reflected,
And the wavelets sang his praise,
So may I show forth his glory
From a glad heart all my days. [Refrain]