Oft Our Hearts Are Filled With Sorrow

Oft our hearts are filled with sorrow,
As we journey day by day;
But when we get home up yonder,
God will wipe all tears away.

O, the joy we’ll know in Heaven!
Free from toil and pain and care;
We will sing God’s praise forever,
An we’ll know no sorrow there.

Here our burdens oft are heavy,
And the road is rough and steep;
But our blessed Lord will guide us,
And His promise true will keep. [Refrain]

Precious friends who have departed
From this weary vale of tears,
Will be waiting there to greet us,
Safe at home thro’ endless years. [Refrain]

O, ’twill be a grand reunion,
When we reach that homeland fair;
There’ll be peace and joy forever,
For there’ll be no sorrow there. [Refrain]