Oft We Lose The Narrow Pathway

Oft we lose the narrow pathway,
As we seek the land of day;
Yet the Master goes before us:
In His steps we find the way.

What would Jesus do?
Make His way the way for you.
In a world of sin and sorrow
He was tried and proven true,
So we always know what He would do.

Do not weary of well doing,
From the mockery of men,
Jesus, too, was scorned, rejected,
Yet reviled them not again. [Refrain]

Though our human courage falters,
At the world’s appalling sin,
It is Jesus we are trusting,
Love divine shall surely win. [Refrain]

What to us is fame or treasure,
Though of all we gain control;
This alone shall truly profit:
A redeemed, immortal soul. [Refrain]