Oft We Speak About The Shadows Which

Oft we speak about the shadows which beset us
As we travel onward on our homeward way;
But the shades, however dark, will never fret us
If this truth we will remember every day.

There can be no shadow where the sun’s not shining,
It’s the sunlight forms the shadows, as we know;
Face the sun, and you will cease your sad repining,
As your path will be illumined by its glow.

On our path the sun of righteousness is shining;
We’ll see shadows if our backs are turned to Him;
Turn about, and instantly you will be finding
That before you lies not e’en the shadow’s rim. [Refrain]

So, if e’er you feel your spirit has grown weary,
You may know your back is turned unto the light;
Turn to Jesus and your heart will not be dreary,
He will flood it with His sunshine warm and bright. [Refrain]

Let us open wide our darkened hearts to Jesus,
He who said that of this world He is the light;
From the shadows of this life He’ll surely free us,
And will cheer us even in the darkest night. [Refrain]