Often When We Sit And Ponder

Often when we sit and ponder
o’er the cares that life may bring,
We can only look to Jesus,
our Redeemer and our King;
Tho sore trials may surround us,
or our way may be more smooth,
‘Tis by these blessings or afflictions
that He doth our motives prove.

While mistakes are ever near us,
and our motives miss their aim,
We should not become discouraged,
but believe that Christ, the same;
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
will forgive us if we come
With hearts possessing godly sorrow
and an honest, pleading tongue.

Disappointments may surround us,
chastenings may come severe,
But we have the blessed promise
that a comforter is near;
Whom the Lord loves He will chasten,
and He scourgeth ev’ry son
Whom He receiveth into glory,
ever say, “His will be done.”

In our upward, pilgrim journey,
may we to each other show
Love unchangeable, unfading,
that in peace we onward go;
Till the summons at death’s portals
shall our weary eyelids close,
Then may we meet those gone, immortal,
who are free from cares and woes.