Oh What Deep And Pure Compassion

Oh, what deep and pure compassion,
Bro’t the Savior from on high,
To atone for our transgression,
And to guide us with thine eye.

I am thine, I am thine,
In thy hands now I passive lie;
Thou hast saved me, I know, from the path of woe,
Ever guide me, dear Lord, with thine eye.

Jesus bore our sin and sorrow,
Yielded up himself to die;
Lord, we take thy cross and follow,
Gently guide us with thine eye.

Oh, thou God of wondrous mercy!
At thy feet we humble lie,
Soul and body, we resign thee,
Ever guide us with thine eye.

Jesus, shine upon us truly;
May thy presence ever nigh,
Keep us perfect, pure and holy,
Only guide us with thine eye.