Oh Wonderful Salvation

Oh, wonderful salvation,
That mortals here below
From sin may be delivered,
And heaven’s mercy know!
How wonderful that heaven
Would own a fallen man,
Or that for his redemption
Our God would form a plan!

Oh, wonderful salvation
From every mortal lost!
The purchase of our pardon
The blood of Jesus cost.
Oh, glorious invitation!
That “whosoever will”
Has gladdened many millions,
And holds out mercy still.

Oh, wonderful salvation!
From sin it sets me free;
How sweet to know that Jesus
Would deign my friend to be!
I gaze in silent wonder
At him on Calvary,
And marvel that he suffered
To pardon even me.

Oh, wonderful salvation
For sinners tempest-tossed!
The joy of saints and angels,
The hope of all the lost.
When time shall be no longer,
And earth in flames shall glow,
Oh, then shall every creature
Salvation’s greatness know.