Old Glory We Love Thee The Light Of Each

Old Glory! we love thee!
The light of each star,
Thy stripes, all resplendent,
We hail from afar;
Afloat on the breezes
O’er mountain and wave,
The Banner of Freedom,
The Flag of the Brave!

Old Glory! we love thee
Wherever unfurled,
The symbol of Freedom
To all of the world.

Old Glory! we love thee
And all of thy charm!
Our lives we would offer
To shield thee from harm;
We pledge our allegiance
Forever to thee,
The Pride of the Nation!
The Flag of the Free! [Refrain]

Old Glory! we love thee
For deeds of the past!
On pages of Hist’ry
The record will last;
Unsullied by traitor
Or foe’s ruthless hand,
Undimm’d thru’ the ages,
The flag of the Land. [Refrain]