Once A Trap Was Baited

Once a trap was baited with a dainty piece of cheese;
It tickled so a little mouse it almost made him sneeze.
An old mouse said, “there’s danger; be careful where you go.”
“Oh, nonsense,” said the mousey, “I don’t think you know.”
So he walked in boldly-nobody was in sight;
First he took a nibble, then he took a bite;
Close the trap together snapped as quick as you could wink,
Catching mousey fast there “because he didn’t think.”

Once there was a robin lived outside the kitchen door,
Who wanted so to go inside and hop upon the floor;
“Oh, no,” said robin’s mother, “I wish you’d stay with me;
For little birds are safest sitting in a tree.”
“I don’t care,” said robin, and gave his tail a fling;
“I don’t think the old folks know quite everything.”
Down he flew, the cat caught him before he’d time to blink;
“Oh,” he cried, “I’m sorry, but then, I didn’t think.”

Now, my little children, you who sing this little song,
Oh, don’t you see what trouble comes from simply doing wrong?
And can’t you take a warning from mouse and robin’s fate?
For they began their thinking when it was too late.
Think not all is safety, although no danger shows;
Thinking you know more than anybody knows;
But when warned of ruin, always pause upon the brink;
Don’t go over headlong “because you didn’t think.”