Once Again I Want To Hear It

Once again I want to hear it,
Story sweet and story old;
Sweeter than the sweetest music,
Richer far than gems of gold;
Tell it to me, tell it to me,
Story of the Saviour’s love,
Known on earth, and known in glory,
Sweet below, and sweet above.

Tell it to me, tell it to me,
Once again the old, old Name,
First on earth, and first in glory,
Still the best and still the same.

Once again the song ascending
To the Lord who died for me,
Let me feel that He is hearing!
How I long His face to see!
Mercy, mercy, like a fountain,
Springing up and running o’er,
Life and love for thirsty millions,
Life and love for millions more! [Refrain]

Once again, oh, tell the story
Of the glory yet to be,
O’er the walls of shining jasper,
O’er the bright and crystal sea;
I will listen, I will praise Him,
And, amid a world of care,
Bear the cross without repining,
Thinking of the glory there! [Refrain]