Once Again O Blessed Time

Once again, O blessed time,
Thankful hearts embrace thee;
If we lost thy festal chime,
What could e’er replace thee?
What could e’er replace thee?
Change will darken many a day,
Many a bond dissever;
Many a joy shall pass away,
But the “Great Joy” never!
But the “Great Joy” never
But the “Great Joy” never!

Once again the Holy Night
Breathes its blessing tender;
Once again the Manger Light
Sheds its gentle splendour;
O could tongues by Angels taught
Speak our exultation
In the Virgin’s Child that brought
All mankind Salvation!

Welcome Thou to souls athirst,
Fount of endless pleasure:
Gates of Hell may do their worst,
While we clasp our Treasure:
Welcome, though an age like this
Puts Thy Name on trial,
And the Truth that makes our bliss
Pleads against denial!

Yea, if others stand apart,
We will press the nearer;
Yea, O best fraternal Heart,
We will hold Thee dearer:
Faithful lips shall answer thus
To all faithless scorning,
“Jesus Christ is God with us,
Born on Christmas morning.”

So we yield thee all we can,
Worship, thanks and blessing;
Thee true God, and Thee true Man.
On our knees confessing;
While Thy Birth-day morn we greet
With our best devotion,
Bathe us, O most true and sweet!
In Thy Mercy’s ocean.