Once Again On The Old Camp Meeting Groun

Once again on the old camp-meeting ground,
As in days of yore we meet;
And our hearts with the old-time love abound,
As we here each other greet;
Another year or God has led us on,
Making oft His grace appear;
And now our hearts with gratitude o’erflow,
For the grace that brought us here.

Once again by His grace we meet,
And in love once again we greet,
On the old camp-meeting ground,
On the old camp-meeting ground,
We meet on the dear old camp-meeting ground.

We are sad as we look in vain for those,
Whom so lately met us here,
Who have since pass’d away, for them today
Do we shed the heart-felt tear;
But they fell bravely, with the armor on,
Fearing not when the end came nigh;
We “sorrow not as those who have not hope,”
We shall meet them by and by. [Chorus]

We the blessings of other years recall,
Which upon this sacred spot
We received, when the pow’r of God came down,
And salvation wondrous wrought;
How burden’d oft for those who knew not God,
Here in pray’r we wrestled long;
Till honor’d faith set weeping captive free,
And their mourning turn’d to song.

That the Lord shall His people meet we pray,
As in seasons past the sam,
With salvation the camp now visiting;
Getting glory to His name.
Oh, may we ear His tender loving voice,
May we feel His presence near,
Until we shall in blessedness exclaim,
“It is good, Lord, to be here.”