Once Again The Sabbath Day

Once again the Sabbath Day is here,
Earth and heav’n again are drawing near,
Mortals now with angel singers raise
To God a hymn of praise.

Gladly addressing Him,
As a Father true and kind,
Thanking and blessing Him,
For the daily gifts we find,
Worship and bring to Him,
As His summons we obey,
Praises we sing to Him,
On His own most holy day.

Long ago, this day was set apart,
Chosen by the wise Creator’s art,
By His will, from labor now we cease,
And meet with Him in peace. [Refrain]

So we sing to God our Maker blest,
Praise Him on His chosen day of rest,
Strength and hope and wisdom here we seek,
To guide us through the week. [Refrain]