Once From The Far Realms Of Infinite Glo

Once from the far realms of infinite glory,
Down to the depths of our ruin and loss,
Jesus came seeking-O love’s sweetest story!
Came to the manger, the shame and the cross.

Listen, my heart! Once but half tell the story;
He comes again, “this same Jesus,” to bring
Home His own bride to His palace of glory,
While heaven’s arches exultantly ring.

Once He hath suffered, “the just for the unjust;”
Once all our guilt on this guiltless One lay.
If He would bring us to heaven, then He must
Die in our stead; there was no other way. [Refrain]

Thus ev’ry word of His suff’rings fulfilling,
Home to the Father He hastened, and there
Sits on the throne, one glad hope His heart filling,
While He yet makes all our sorrows His care. [Refrain]

Then, lift Thy head! See the day dawn in gladness,
Shedding its radiant light on the tears.
Lift up thy head! All thy mourning and sadness
Vanish forever, when Jesus appears. [Refrain]