Once He Was So Bright Light And Fair

Once he was so light and fair,
Glad, and light and free,
Fill’d my soul with peace and joy,
Life was dear to me;
But he took the fatal glass,
‘Twas a fleeting joy,
Drank, and lo, the hand of death,
Grasp’d my darling boy.

Save the boy! Save the joy!
Heav’n will ring with joy;
Loving hearts are pleading
Save, O save the boy!

Once he was so brave and true,
Shunn’d the tempter’s pow’r;
Once for right he firmly stood,
Till that dreadful hour;
Bright and sparkling was the cup,
Seem’d without alloy,
Fair the hand that captive led,
My poor wand’ring boy. [Refrain]

Once he was my only hope,
Source of joy and pride,
Then I tho’t that love might clasp,
Hold him to my side;
But today my body forsakes
Home with all its joy,
Far in sin he’s wand’ring now,
Save, oh, save my boy. [Refrain]

Tell him tho’ he’s wander’d far,
Love can never die,
Lives in hope of his return,
Looks with patient eye,
Loving hearts have pleaded long,
Pray’d for light and joy,
Keeping still a welcome there
For the wan’dring boy. [Refrain]