Once In The Thundering Breakers

Once in the thundering breakers,
Doubting that help would come;
Now with my wonderful Saviour,
Sailing for home, sweet home.

Sailing, sailing,
Over the shining foam;
Joyfully praising my Saviour;
Sailing for home, sweet home.

Once overwhelmed with the tempest,
Fearing that death was nigh;
Now in the life-boat with Jesus,
Under a smiling sky. [Refrain]

Once in the darkness despairing,
Hope and ambition gone;
Now with my Saviour rejoicing,
Gladly I’m sailing on. [Refrain]

Trials again will o’ertake me,
Tempests again betide,
But with my Saviour, and Pilot,
Safe will my soul abide. [Refrain]